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There’s no point in having a great contractor business if no one knows about it. In order for your business to prosper, you must have a strong customer base. You will be competing for work against other companies so you must ensure that your contractor business stands out. Sometimes posting ads isn’t enough. Below, we share some contractor marketing tips with you.

Social Media

If you’ve overlooked social media, you are already behind. Social media is more than a public diary where you post cat memes and photos of your food. Social media is also a great tool that many businesses use to connect with the public. Social media allows for companies to directly interact with a large number of clients and potential clients. You can also post links to your website or blogs, photos of your work, press releases, and job openings. Social media will also allow you to connect with other construction businesses and even allow you to see some strategies that your competition is using.

Website Design

 A good website can take your business a long a way. A website is like the internet version of a home office. This is where potential customers can find all of the information they need about your company including services offered, contact info, reviews, and more. Ensure that your website is designed well enough to make navigation a breeze. Clunky, disorganized websites will turn off consumers. It’s also wise to have a “Quote Button” that is extremely visible so it’s easier for customers to get a quote. The copy for your website is also important. Be sure to research popular keywords in the industry and implement those into your website copy. This will help your site rank higher in search engines.


You can tell people how good your construction business is, but your words hold no weight without proof. For this reason, it’s wise for contractors to have a portfolio of their work. This allows clients to see your expertise and will help them get an idea of their own building plans. You can post your portfolio on your website and on social media so the internet population can view your work as well.

Leave-Behind Items

After a contractor meets with a client, they usually leave behind a business card. But remember, you want your business to stand out; so why copy your competition and give a business card as well? Some contractors think outside the box and leave behind materials like pens, not pads, stickers, and other branded merchandise. Some have even gone as far as leaving behind small replica buildings. Remember, the more unique your leave-behind is, the more memorable your business will be.

Ask For Reviews

Reviews are what make or break a business. And in this sharing generation, reviews are one of the most important forms of advertising. Word of mouth still works as a reliable form of advertisement, so you always want to mind your reviews. Whenever you finish a job, encourage your clients to leave a review on yelp or whatever you use so that others can see how you do business. You can then share these reviews on social media or embed them to the pages on your website.

Getting customers is not always easy. But with these marketing tips for contractors, you can strategize and figure out ways to get their attention. When advertising and promoting, there is the possibility that errors may occur like false claims, libel against a competitor, or poor advertising wording that may cause another entity to open a lawsuit against you. In the event that this happens, it’s good to protect your business with Contractors Insurance. A Contractors Insurance policy will cover any harmful expenses and ensure that your business stays afloat. SkyBlue Insurance is an authorized representative for the top Contractors Insurance carriers. We’ll help you find the best rates on Contractors Insurance. You can request a Contractors Insurance quote for free and get instant results today!



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